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Systems design, development and implementation

The consulting team offers particularly strong capability and experience in the management of processes and people engaged in systems design, development and implementation.

The introduction of free-flow tolling in South-east Queensland involved the design and build of complex roadside and back office systems capable of handling current transaction levels of more than 250k per day, but importantly with the capacity to scale up considerably as traffic growth occurs and the company pursues alternate business opportunities.

The design and build process involved the engagement and harnessing of the skills offered by key vendors IBM and Thales, and importantly the tolling company’s workforce who brought to the process critical knowledge of business processes and customer needs and expectations. The success of the systems design, which delivered the most advanced and efficient tolling system operating in Australia, has been acknowledged by the vendors as they look to leverage the new technology in pursuing business opportunities worldwide.

The free-flow tolling project was directly managed by members of the consulting team.