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Jeremy Turner

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Jeremy has over 20 years’ experience at executive level providing strategic leadership in the areas of financial management, corporate governance, organisation development and human resource management, strategic procurement, and business development.

Jeremy’s senior roles have been as Chief Executive Officer, Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer.  As Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy led an organisation responsible for administering the thoroughbred horse racing industry in the state of Queensland.  During this period he worked closely with the Board and government to implement ground breaking reforms that included privatisation of the state-owned totalisator and establishment of commercial arrangements between the new public company and the racing industry.

Most recently he has led the financial and major corporate functions within one of the largest toll road operators in Australia. In this role his achievements included the financing of construction of major new road and bridge infrastructure in excess of $2b, playing a significant role in the procurement and contracting of project vendors, leadership of risk management activities, reform of Board reporting and disclosure processes, development and operation of complex financial models, and successful leadership of a large professional team across corporate support functions.

Jeremy is a strategic thinker who brings a strong knowledge of corporate governance and financial management to his work.  He holds a Masters of Business and is currently also a Director of Swimming Australia Limited, the peak national body for Australia’s most successful Olympic sport. 

Summary details

Name   Jeremy Turner
Qualifications / Professional   Master of Business (Queensland University of Technology)
Graduate Certificates in Management and Finance (QUT)
Diploma, Australian Institute of Company Directors
Member - CPA Australia
Fellow - Australian Institute of Company Directors
Director, Swimming Australia Limited
Key Capabilities  

Strong leadership capability and experience to Chief Executive Officer level

Extensive experience managing finance and other corporate services activities within complex dynamic commercial environments

Track record in leading governance reform across a range of organisations

A strong working knowledge of the transport and tolling industry sector

Company Director experience and fellowship of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

A strong working knowledge of State and Federal Government processes

Post-graduate qualifications in business studies and corporate governance

Most recent positions



Queensland Motorways Limited

Position   Chief Financial Officer
Major Responsibilities  

Lead the planning of the company’s financial activities including budgeting, reporting, forecasting, compliance/audit, financial systems planning and implementation, and economic evaluation

Debt raising and ongoing liability management to fund the Company’s $2b plus infrastructure development program

Provide the Board and Executive with high-level strategic advice and reports in relation to commercial matters including profit and loss outcomes, balance sheet management, debt performance, and major capital investment

Ensure the company achieves its compliance obligations in respect of financial disclosures
Take a lead role in the company’s strategic planning processes including the development, implementation and reporting of business/strategic plans

Direct the economic and financial evaluation of new business and capital investment initiatives and contribute as a member of the executive management team in the implementation of major capital investment projects

Key Achievements  
  • Implemented the financing/borrowing arrangements for the $2.12b Gateway Upgrade Project including the establishment of forward start loan arrangements to minimise interest rate risk
  • Developed a whole-of-business financial model that covers all aspects of the organisation’s operations and forecasts revenues, expenses, cash flows, assets & liabilities over the 30 year franchise
  • Implemented improved corporate governance processes through significant policy development and education across the Group
  • Introduced enhanced management reporting capabilities including a comprehensive performance-based monthly finance report for the Board and Executive
  • Produced consistent outstanding internal and external audit outcomes in respect of the company’s financial control environment and financial disclosures
  • Built the required capacity and expertise within the Finance and Commercial Departments in response to the growth that is ongoing across the company
Position   Company Secretary
Major Responsibilities   Provide company secretarial services to the Board and CEO including managing Board and Committee processes, contract management, and policy development
Key Achievements  
  • Board processes – new standards associated with the preparation and presentation of reports to the Board by executive team members developed and approved
  • Contract review – a review of a number of major commercial contracts completed, and recommendations made to the Board adopted
  • Policy development – a major policy development project instigated with Board support and considerable progress in the development of new policy made



Queensland Racing

Position   Chief Executive Officer
Major Responsibilities  

Lead an organisation responsible for the regulation and commercial development of the Queensland thoroughbred racing industry

Provide high level strategic guidance and support to the governing Board

Represent the Board and Queensland industry as a Director of major national organizations including the Australian Racing Board Ltd

Perform the role of Company Secretary for the Queensland Race Product Company Ltd, the racing industry’s commercial partner with UNiTAB in product supply agreements

Foster relationships with key industry stakeholders, media and Government

Key Achievements  
  • Financial Performance – a surplus of $2.261m was achieved in 2003/04 after deficits in the previous two years, built on organisational restructuring and revenue growth
  • Organisational Review and Restructure – major restructure of the operations of Queensland Racing completed, ensuring QR met its legislative obligations and could deliver on the strategic direction of the Board
  • Racing Information Services Australia Ltd – founding Director of a national business enterprise established to develop and implement a national racing information management system, establish copyright around racing data, and establish commercial contracts for data distribution
  • Racing Product Redevelopment – a major review and restructure of the State-wide racing product was undertaken and implemented, resulting in significant increases in the commercial return achieved through enhanced wagering outcomes on Queensland thoroughbred racing
Position   Director of Finance
Major Responsibilities  

Manage the finance and corporate services functions of the organisation including treasury, accounting, taxation, human resource management, and information technology

Provide strategic advice and guidance to the Executive and Board in relation to corporate services, including preparation and presentation of monthly Board reports

Ensure the QPC met its statutory compliance obligations in relation to financial management and disclosure

Lead the business and strategic planning processes across the organisation

Company Secretary of the industry’s training service provider, Queensland Race Training Pty Ltd

Key Achievements  
  • Privatisation of the TABQ - negotiation of a financial package with the State Government and ,establishment of commercial contracts with the ,new privatised company during 1999
  • Successful restructure of the financial processes of the QPC in response to the changed commercial operations following privatisation – the budget of Queensland Racing increased from $15m to over $100m
  • Business Improvement Program - establishment of a business improvement program to drive a more professional and accountable business culture within the industry, including the implementation of performance measurement and benchmarking of club performance and standardisation of financial reporting
  • GST Implementation and Education – I led the GST education and implementation project across the industry, and played a major role in the establishment of national policies and practices through membership of the ARB’s national GST working party