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Contract management

Contract management is another core skill offered by the consulting team. Each member of the team is experienced in managing complex commercial contracts with multinational vendors such as IBM, Leightons Contractors and Thales, and with numerous smaller vendors delivering a range of services across varied industry sectors.

The team is experienced in managing vendors under a full range of contracting models - including design and construct fixed price, time and materials, alliance contracting and early contractor involvement. All members of the team have led Steering Committees and Leadership Groups and are skilled in driving out the issues to keep contracts and project teams on track, thus ensuring delivery on budget, on time, within scope and according to quality standards.

The strength of the contract management skills of the team is highlighted by the outcomes that have been achieved in the delivery of major projects and in the business as usual operations of the organisations the consultants have worked within.

In additional to the Gateway Upgrade Project and Free-Flow Tolling projects, the consultants have managed major contracts associated with business activity that includes towage operations to major Ports across the State of Queensland, and 10-year agreements for the maintenance of motorways in South-east Queensland to pre-determined service standards.